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Build My Luxury Brand Business Masterclass

Once you've received Babiiboo's "1 on 1 Luxury Brand Business Mentorship" you will learn proven financial strategies and approaches designed to reach your specific goals. Some of these strategies include goal setting, action plan development, and accountability exercises. You will also begin to examine your habits, behaviors, and thinking around money. You will be well on your way to practicing better financial habits. You will begin to feel empowered and motivated to live a more abundant lifestyle.

"Let's begin your business journey correctly with my guidance."


Do not purchase this if you haven't consulted with Babiiboo, you will have to send her a message on Instagram @Guildofestheticians, she will have to interview you first to see if you align with what she teaches and to see how she can help you in your journey. It's best to get to know each other through chat before proceeding on with this "Mentorship". If you've purchased this Mentorship without her consent you will not be refunded! Do not purchase until consented to do so. Thank you.

Take the first step towards financial tranquility and follow Babiiboo's 1 on 1 Luxury Brand Business Mentorship for 35 days valued for $1,200. It's required to have 2 hours free per day for this 35 days Mentorship Guidance.

Firstly, chat with her for a one-time 30 minutes complimentary consultation to discuss your financial goals, gain more clarity around your personal finances, and better understand your money habits and behaviors, so that you can begin to make money work for you and to see if she is able to help you improve within your business.

She will use her time to analyze and understand what you have been in lack of within your business and how you can fix it with her guidance. This will be an insight of what you are capable to progress within your business such as providing goods or services in a luxurious form.

Refund Policy: No Refunds, Final Sale.
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